Statements about the DCMhotbond products…

Experience what dental technicians and implantologist say about our DCMhotbond products.

Oliver Brix

DCMhotbond fusio uniquely combines stability and aesthetics with a durable bond between two different materials. Joining is easy to integrate into everyday laboratory work and enables reliable joining prior to individualisation.

ZTM Uwe Gehringer

Made by Uwe Gehringer Dentallabor, Frauenstr. 11, 804691 München

Eventually, we are able to connect high-strength lithium disilicate with zirconium oxide with a firmly bonding.

ZTM Hans-Joachim Lotz

Hans- Joachim Lotz Dentallabor GmbH, Kreuzstr. 6, 97990 Weikersheim

For me, hotbond currently is the most innovative development on the dental market and it is indispensable in my daily work.

„DCMhotbond ist für mich die derzeit innovativste Entwicklung auf dem Dentalmarkt und aus meiner täglichen Arbeit nicht mehr wegzudenken.“

ZTM Andreas Kunz

Andreas Kunz Zahntechnik, Schumannstr. 1, 10117 Berlin

By now, we have gathered a great deal of experience in joining pressed lithium disilicate with zirconium oxide frameworks. The uncomplicated handling and the high success rates for using hotbond really convinced us in the long term.

ZTM Christian Moss

Moss Laboratorium für Zahn- und Implantattechnik GmbH, Sachsenfeld 3-5, 20097 Hamburg

We use hotbond in 87% of all patient cases and have done so for 9 years. There is no better added value I can have in the lab.

Massimiliano Trombin

Da Vinci Dental, Glockengasse 3, 53340 Meckenheim

Thanks to the application of DCMhotbond, new possible applications were inaugurated in adhesive Maryland-Bridge technique.

ZTM Maxi Grüttner

Dentallabor Grüttner GmbH, Ernst-Thälmann-Str. 3, 07381 Pößneck

We have been using hotbond for around 6 months, mainly for the fabrication of zirconia frameworks, in preference to EMax-system, due to the enhanced stability! Inlay bridges and crowns with small bonding surfaces or extremely low layer thickness often require adhesive bonding of the restoration! After a short test period, we incorporated the system in our portfolio, and our customers accept an additional charge for the additional expense!

Dr. med. dent. Jan Hajtó

Spezialist für Ästhetische Zahnheilkunde (DGÄZ), Brienner Straße 7, 80333 München

DCMhotbond fusio is the perfect solution for continuously-stressed and highly aesthetic full ceramic restorations made of zirconia or lithium disilicate. I personally have employed high-strength and aesthetic zirconia/lithium disilicate composite crowns and bridges on teeth and implants bonded with DCMhotbond successfully for approximately 7 years. Chipping is certainly a thing of the past.

Helge Vollbrecht

Dental Balance GmbH, Mangerstraße 21, 14467 Potsdam

Due to the new possibilities of DCMhotbond, the concept of paradigm change almost imposes. Many innovations, like DCMhotbond meet with opposition of established institutions, who didn´t succeed with this kind of evolution. Furthermore, sometimes old habits are hard to overcome, even then advantages were proved scientifically, and have proved successful in practice. By accompanying DCMhotbond from the very beginning, we were able to gain exactly this experience. Fortunately, things are different for the users. Loyalty to manufacturer´s products confirms the positive feedback of the users in dental practice. Those who overcame this barrier, remain vonvinced of DCMhotbond.